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Representation Of Classes And Specs In Rated Pvp - Based on 30040 players

Class Spec % of Players
Discipline Priest10.42%
Assassination Rogue9.33%
Balance Druid6.91%
Mistweaver Monk6.36%
Havoc Demon-Hunter5.71%
Shadow Priest5.55%
Holy Paladin5.27%
Restoration Shaman4.92%
Arms Warrior4.42%
Survival Hunter3.95%
Restoration Druid3.34%
Frost Mage3.17%
Fury Warrior3.13%
Fire Mage2.88%
Elemental Shaman2.78%
Retribution Paladin2.69%
Enhancement Shaman2.19%
Affliction Warlock1.98%
Feral Druid1.92%
Unholy Death-Knight1.80%
Windwalker Monk1.54%
Outlaw Rogue1.45%
Holy Priest1.21%
Destruction Warlock1.15%
Subtlety Rogue1.06%
Beast Mastery Hunter1.05%
Vengeance Demon-Hunter0.77%
Arcane Mage0.63%
Protection Paladin0.47%
Demonology Warlock0.44%
Marksmanship Hunter0.43%
Frost Death-Knight0.27%
Brewmaster Monk0.22%
Protection Warrior0.21%
Guardian Druid0.20%
Blood Death-Knight0.17%

Statistics are updated 1 - 3 times daily.