Hotfixes: April 2, 2019


Latest hotfix notes for World of Warcraft published April 2, 2019

April 2, 2019

Allied Races

  • Talanji's ascension to Queen during the Zandalari Allied Race unlock quest line will no longer prevent players from completing quests that use her previous Princess title.

Azerite Knowledge

  • The Azerite Knowledge system that periodically reduces the Artifact Power required to level up the Heart of Azeroth has been extended to April 23.Developers’ notes: This change should give more players the opportunity to attain Azerite traits on current gear and reach the current maximum artifact level of 50 before the major Heart of Azeroth system update coming in Rise of Azshara.

Brawler's Guild

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players that died during a Rumble from ranking up in their next solo fight and receiving the correct rewards.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players under level 120 to queue for Brawler's Guild fights.


  • Players will once again be able to share their in-game adventures on Twitter.


  • The Honorable, Prestigious, Elite, Esteemed, and Glorious Pennant toy effects will now display properly on female human characters.
  • Silas' Stone of Transportation will once again allow Alliance players to go to Arom's Stand.

Player versus Player

  • Druid
    • Restoration
      • Resolved an issue that caused Revitalize to increase the duration of Rejuvenation more than intended.


  • Mages will once again be able to use the Karazhan portal while completing the quest line to earn the Frost Legion Artifact, Ebonchill.

Raids and Dungeons

  • Lady Jaina Proudmoore
    • Abilities that grant immunity (e.g. Mage’s Ice Block, Paladin’s Divine Shield, and Rogue’s Cloak of Shadows) will now clear stacks of Chilling Touch on Heroic, Normal, and Raid Finder difficulties in Battle for Dazar’alor.


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