Azerite Essence Statistics - Live


Quick update on the new azerite essences feature added in patch 8.2

Update 30/07 : Essence statistics are now live :)

I just wanted to provide a quick update about the new talent like system that has been added in for the Heart of Azeroth in patch 8.2.

At this point in time the Blizzard API (the source of data which fuels the statistics on this site) only provides minimal information about the talents/spells. It is not yet possible to determine which essence any given player has equipped using solely the API.

They have mentioned a solution to this but haven't provided any details as to what that solution is or when it will be released.

If an update on this solution does not come in a timely manner I will source the statistics for the essence data in another way, as I currently do with PvP talents.

You can get a full run down and learn everything you need to know about the new essences over at wowhead


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